Godox V1Pro TTL Li-ion Round Head Camera Flash

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Godox V1Pro TTL Li-ion Round Head Camera Flash

Original price was: ₹24,490.Current price is: ₹21,990.

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  • Auto Zoom Control, Zoom Range: 28-105mm
  • 2.4 GHz X Wireless Radio System
  • Round Head, Optional Magnetic Modifiers
  • Tilts -7 to 120°, Rotates 330°
  • Built-In LED Modeling Lamp
  • 1.5 sec Recycle Time, HSS Support
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Warranty: Godox India 2 Years Warranty

In The Box

  • Flash Body x 1
  • Storage Bag x 1
  • Lithium Battery x 1
  • USB-C Charging Cable x 1
  • Camera Flash Stand x 1
  • Charger x 1

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Godox V1Pro TTL Li-ion Round Head Camera Flash

Additional flash module
More light sources mean more possibilities. The V1Pro flash has a detachable External Flash SU-1, so one V1Pro can seamlessly serve as both a reflected and fill light source at the same time. The detachable module can be removed if necessary.

Convenient work
Based on the experience of photographers, the V1Pro uses a physical switch between TTL and manual modes. There is no faster way to change modes during a situation where every second counts. The V1Pro flash offers two ways to charge the battery. With the VC26 charger (included) or with a universal USB-C socket. This makes it easy to charge the battery under any conditions. When even longer operation is required, such as for outdoor sessions, the V1Pro is compatible with additional power sources, such as the Godox Propac P960 power pack.

Round Head
The unique round head design provides an even and softer lighting effect than rectangular flash heads. Even without additional softening, the V1Pro will provide more eye-pleasing light and soft shadows. An additional advantage of the V1Pro is the magnetic attachment of accessories. The AK-R1 kit (available separately) includes modifiers like a diffusion dome, grid, snoot or gates, all with quick mounting and grouping capabilities. A Godox AK-R21 flash projection attachment also can also be mounted to the V1Pro.

LED Modeling Light
Equipped with a 10-step adjustment of the modeling light, the V1Pro allows you to visualize the effects without taking a test shot. The modeling light is also useful, for example, in a dark studio to help focusing.

Radio Triggering
The Godox V1Pro supports 2.4 GHz wireless transmission, allowing integration with other Godox devices. The V1Pro can function as a transmitter for other flashes, or as a receiver, being controlled via another Godox flash or radio transmitter. This makes building advanced lighting schemes and sets with multiple light sources extremely easy and intuitive.


Q) What are the key features of the Godox V1Pro TTL Li-ion Round Head Camera Flash?
Discover the essential features of the Godox V1Pro, including its TTL compatibility, Li-ion battery, round head design, and advanced flash control options.

Q) How does the TTL function enhance the performance of the Godox V1Pro flash?
Learn how Through-The-Lens (TTL) metering technology in the Godox V1Pro ensures accurate exposure and simplifies the flash photography process for both beginners and professionals.

Q) Can the Godox V1Pro TTL flash be used with different camera brands and models?
Explore the versatility of the Godox V1Pro, compatible with major camera brands such as Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fujifilm, and Olympus, offering seamless integration for photographers of various preferences.

Q) What advantages does the Li-ion battery offer in the Godox V1Pro TTL flash?
Understand the benefits of the Li-ion battery, including longer battery life, faster recycle times, and lightweight design, making it ideal for photographers who require reliability and mobility.

Q) How does the round head design of the Godox V1Pro benefit photographers?
Explore the advantages of the round head design, such as softer and more natural light diffusion, reduced harsh shadows, and improved overall lighting quality, especially in portrait and close-up photography.

Q) Is the Godox V1Pro TTL flash suitable for professional photography projects?
Discover how the Godox V1Pro meets the demands of professional photographers with its advanced features, robust build quality, and precise flash control options, making it a reliable tool for studio and on-location shoots.

Q) What accessories are compatible with the Godox V1Pro TTL Li-ion Round Head Camera Flash?
Learn about the range of compatible accessories, including diffusers, color gels, and magnetic modifiers, allowing photographers to customize and enhance their lighting setups for creative versatility.



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Canon, Nikon, Sony

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