Zhiyun-Tech MOLUS X100 Combo Kit With Free FIVERAY M40

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Zhiyun-Tech MOLUS X100 Combo Kit With Free FIVERAY M40

Original price was: ₹49,200.Current price is: ₹27,999.

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Only 2 left in stock

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Level Up Your Lighting: MOLUS X100 Combo  Kit + FREE M40!

This powerhouse combo takes your lighting to the next level. Purchase the MOLUS X100 Bi-Color Pocket COB Monolight and score the versatile FIVERAY M40 Pocket LED Light absolutely FREE! It’s the perfect duo for creators on the go, offering expanded lighting options without breaking the bank.


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Zhiyun-Tech MOLUS X100 Combo Kit with Free FIVERAY M40

Zhiyun-Tech MOLUS X100 Bi-Color Pocket COB Monolight (Combo)

100W Powerful Output
Boasting an excellent combination of portability and pro performance, X100 frees you from traditional heavy equipment with only 385g in a palm size and a stable 100W max output, letting you embrace full creativity.

Vintage Style Design
You’ve never seen a COB light like this. A slim, vintage pocket light that strikes a perfect balance between fashion and utility.

Intelligent Cooling Control
X100 adopts DynaVort Cooling System™ that consists of gyroscope modeling heat sinks and FOC fans to prevent overheating. The DynaVort technology is based on the fluid dynamics and attitude-control algorithm, significantly raising the cooling efficiency through intelligent control over airflow emissions.

Professional Exterior Lighting
X100 is supported by ZHIYUN self-developed discharge technology that enables a 100% power output when shooting on location.

3 Ways to Power You Up
The MOLUS X100 utilizes a patent power supply technology to support its 100W mighty output. Being able to choose among the grip battery, DC adapter, and 100W PD fast charge, you’ll limit the downtime on your shoot.

Bi-Color & Faithful Rendition
Allow you to adjust color temperature at fingertip. Give you accurate fidelity that rivals against traditional heavy COB lights.
Illuminance: 3881 Lux (4300K at 100% brightness)
CCT Range: 2700k-6500k

ZY Mount Ecosystem Diverse Light Shaping Solutions
The ZY mount is designed for dedicated modifiers that also compatible with ones of Bowens mount, satisfying your needs for more fine-tuned effects.

Simplify and Reshape Pro Lighting
MOLUS X100 challenges the size stereotype of cinematic lighting, bringing you the most lightweight COB light that is powerful and versatile enough to perform incredibly well in multiple professional scenarios such as portrait and still-life photography, TVC, and interviews.

Live Mode
The live mode allows you to turn on multiple lights at once, meeting the demand of fast lighting setup for one man crew.

Music Mode
The recording function enables an automatic lighting control along with music rhythm to create special atmosphere.

Bluetooth Mesh For Remote Control
Simplify the work flow with the bluetooth mesh to adjust the parameters by group, enhancing the lighting efficiency and convenience substantially.


  • Output Power
  • Cooling Method
    Active Cooling
  • Runtime (with Battery Grip)
    30min(100% dim)
  • Color Temperature Range
  • Illuminance In 4500K/100% Brightness (1 meter)
    3881 lux
  • TLCI Index
  • CRI Index
  • Dimming Range
  • APP Control Method
  • Power Adapter Output Voltage/Current
  • Power Supply Method
    PD adapter, DC or Battery Grip
  • X100 Size
    144.5*94*36.1 (W*D*H)
  • X100 Net Weight
  • X100 Grip Battery
  • X100 Grip Battery PD Charging Time
    2H33MIN (19.6V/1.4A 28W )
  • X100 Grip Battery DC Charging Time
    2H24MIN (9.7V/3.1A 30W )
  • X100 Grip Battery Size
    52.8*94*61 (W*D*H)
  • Operation Temperature
  • Extension
    1/4″ Threaded Hole

Zhiyun-Tech FIVERAY M40 Pocket LED Light

ZHIYUN pushes the boundaries of technological structure and lighting performance, bringing the 40W pocket fill light to creators who are weary of cumbersome equipment and seek for more efficient workflow. M40 responds to your calls for simplicity, reifying innovation and utility in its compact body.

Variable-Frequency Cooling Via Algorithm Control
M40 adopts the DynaVort Cooling System™ that consists of gyroscope modeling heat sink, FOC fans, and attitude-control algorithm to prevent overheating. The DynaVort technology that applies the fluid dynamics, raises the cooling efficiency by substantially enhancing the airflow emissions through intelligent control.

Wide Color Temperature Excellent Color Rendition
176 LED chips bring an incredible illuminance that rivals the key light provided by bigger equipment. Both cool and warm colors enable the max power output at 40W with no strobes. CRI≥96, TLCI≥97.

Dual Wheels For Accurate Dimming
Precise dimming of color temperature and brightness are available via two separate wheels, giving you smooth control at fingertips.

360° Rotational Stand
The rotational stand of M40 extends possibilities for various occasions, while two 1/4″ screw holes allow the M40 to be mounted on a tripod or light stand, offering a fast lighting setup than ever.

Simplified Setup For Quality Shots
M40 is handy yet powerful enough to seamlessly fit in various lighting scenarios, enabling you to reach full potential with the professional lighting effect.

Adaptive Charging Technology
With 4 LED indicator lights that display battery level and two 18650 batteries built in, M40 supports PD fast charge protocol that allows a real-time charging². Non-stop work at 10W can last for 1h 37min.


  • Extension
    1/4 Threaded Hole
  • Battery Capacity
    Built-in li-ion battery 6S/2600MAH
  • Maximum Power Output
  • Color Temperature Range
  • Dimming Range
  • 4300K/100% Brightness Illuminance
    1 meter
  • 4300K/100% Brightness Illuminance
    0.5 meters
  • 4300K/100% Brightness Illuminance
    0.3 meters
  • TLCI
  • CRI(RA)
  • LED Chip
    88 PCS(cool light chips)+88 PCS(warm light chips)
  • Charging Time
    12V/1.12A 13W, supports a maximum of 15W fast charging
  • Runtime
    (Max Power Non-stop Output)
  • Operation Temperature
  • Charging Temperature
    0°~ 45°
  • Product Size
  • Net Weight


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