Feiyu Tech SCORP Mini 2 Handheld Gimbal Stabilizers

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Feiyu Tech SCORP Mini 2 Handheld Gimbal Stabilizers

Original price was: ₹32,999.Current price is: ₹26,999.

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  • For Smartphone, GoPro, Mirrorless Camera
  • Motorized 3-Axis Gimbal with App Control
  • Cable & Bluetooth Control Capability
  • 3300 to 5200K Wired Magnetic Fill Light
  • 10.8 in Carbon Fiber Extension Pole
  • Built-In AI Tracking and Gesture Control
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Warranty: Feiyu Tech India 1 Year Warranty

In The Box

  • Mini 2 main body x 1
  • Tripod x 1
  • Smartphone holder x 1
  • GoPro adapter x 1
  • Camera control cable x 7 (USB-C to Micro, USB-C to USB-C, USB-C to TRS2.5, USB-C to Multi, USB-C to DC2.5mm, USB-C to TRS3.5, USB-C to Mini)
  • USB-C to Lightning cable x x1
  • USB 2.0 to USB-C Charging Cable x1
  • Fixed plate x 1
  • Slider x 1
  • Quick release plate x 1
  • Lens holder x 1
  • Lens holder screw x 1
  • Long thumb screw x 1
  • Allen key x 1
  • Camera fixed screw x 1
  • Fixed screw for support rod x 1
  • Focus motor support rod x 1
  • Wireless magnetic fill light x 1
  • Carbon fiber 275mm extension rod x 1
  • Storage bag x 1

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Feiyu Tech SCORP-Mini 2 Handheld Gimbal Stabilizers

Versatile Compatibility
The Feiyu SCORP Mini 2 is your ultimate solution to managing multiple devices effortlessly. Whether you are a photography enthusiast or a content creator, this gimbal is designed to cater to various equipment needs. It seamlessly accommodates mirrorless cameras, mobile phones, compact cameras, and action cameras, making it a versatile companion for all your shooting requirements.

Stable and Lightweight Design
Experience ultimate freedom in unleashing your creativity with the stable and lightweight structure of the SCORP Mini 2. The ergonomic underslung handle design ensures a comfortable grip for extended use without fatigue. The upgraded joystick and buttons offer precise and fluid control, allowing you to capture smooth footage at both high and low angles.

AI Tracking Module for Uninterrupted Inspiration
Enhance the intelligence of your filming setup with the integrated AI tracking module of the SCORP Mini 2. From subject tracking to gesture controls, this innovative feature ensures that you never miss a moment worth capturing. Simply make gestures like the “OK” sign to initiate subject tracking and take control over your photography and videography sessions effortlessly.

Professional Mirrorless Gimbal Performance
With a quick-release plate for horizontal and vertical filming, the SCORP Mini 2 is a professional-grade mirrorless gimbal that offers stability and durability. Its enhanced load capacity easily supports popular mirrorless cameras like ZVE10, A7S3, and A6700, while the focus motor extension allows you to achieve professional-quality shots with ease.

Unlock More Functions with Exclusive App Integration
Pair your mobile phone with the Feiyu ON App to unlock a plethora of functions such as object tracking, gesture photography, panorama shooting, and smart beauty modes. Take advantage of intelligent tracking features to secure focus on your subject effortlessly, whether you’re capturing selfies or dynamic outdoor scenes.

Electric Magic Knob for Precise Control
The electric magic knob on the SCORP Mini 2 allows you to control the rotation of the gimbal axes and electronic zoom function with precision. Adjust the damping feel to ensure smooth and accurate control over every detail of your footage, guaranteeing professional results every time.

Lightweight and Compact Design
Weighing just 852g and constructed from a blend of polymer resin and aviation-grade aluminum, the SCORP Mini 2 is lightweight and compact for easy handling. Its dimensions akin to an A4 paper sheet make it portable and convenient for on-the-go shooting adventures.


Product NameFeiyu SCORP-Mini 2 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal for Camera
Battery Capacity2500mAh, built-in battery cannot be removed, charge it via the USB-C port which below the multifunction knob,support all the normal charger and quick charger which charging power≤18W
Operating Voltage6.8V-8.4V
Theoretical Battery Life10h (Experimental conditions: Payload about 1000g, balanced, in Pan Follow mode on standby.)
Charging Time<2h (Using 18W fast charger)
Materials In Main BodySynthetic macromolecular resin, aluminum alloy
WeightAbout 852g/1.878 lb (Not including tripod and other accessories, as well as the camera)
PayloadAbout 1200g/2.65 lb (well balanced)
Water-Proof GradeNot Water-proof
Dimensions210.1*133.7*296mm(Gimbal balancing position)
247.6*59.8*234.8mm(Gimbal folded position)
Compatible Cameras/SmartphonesMirrorless camera and pocket camera (Sony, Canon, Nikon, Panasonic,etc. Check Camera Compatibility Lists for more details), action camera like GoPro, and smartphone (Width: 52mm~88mm, thickness: <9.5mm)
AI TrackingBuilt-in AI tracking module, enabling tracking and gesture control functions without the need for an app or accessories.
Operating Temperature-10~45℃
Rotatable RangeTilt: 318°(With limitation)
Roll: 320°(With limitation)
Pan: 360°(Unlimited)
Controllable RangeTilt: +137°~-60°
Roll: +40°~-40°
Pan: 360°(Unlimited)
Quick Release PlateQuick release plate (80.2x38x17mm) is compatible with ARCA quick release system. Can be removed from the gimbal together with the camera, and fast switch between popular quick release systems without re-assembling the camera.
Follow Mode①PF: Pan follow, only the pan axis follows the movement of user’s hand
②PTF: Pan and tilt follow, where both the pan and tilt axes follow the movement of user’s hand, but roll axis does not
③FPV: Pan, tilt and roll follow, where all 3 axes follow the movement of user’s hand
④Lock: All 3 axes do not follow the movement of user’s hand, gimbal keeps the direction of the camera fixed
⑤FFW: flash follow, where all 3 axes follow the movement of user’s hand in high follow speed
APPWhen mounting mirrorless camera, pocket camera or action camera on gimbal for shooting, please use “Feiyu SCORP” App.
When mounting smartphone on gimbal for shooting, please use “Feiyu ON” App.
Both Feiyu ON and Feiyu SCORP can update firmwares for gimbal.
How To Control The Camera/SmartphoneWhile connecting gimbal and cameras with cable (Standard accessories for SONY, CANON, NIKON, Panasonic), users can control picture-taking/recording with shutter button and set aperture, shutter, ISO and other camera parameters (see Camera Compatibility List for more). Alternatively, when connected to the camera via Bluetooth, users can use the shutter button to control picture-taking/recording for supported camera models (see Camera Compatibility List for more).
After connect gimbal with Feiyu ON App via Bluetooth, the gimbal can directly control Feiyu ON to shoot (If the shutter of original camera and third party camera App can be controlled by volume button,then SCORP-Mini can control it too).
Motor Power Auto TuneAuto Tune motor power is available to the App or Touch Screen. Gimbal auto tune the motor power according to the camera you install. Auto Tune operation: Enter the motor power setting through touch screen, and tap Auto Tune, then put gimbal on the table until the display prompt calibration complete.
Gimbal will vibrate slightly while Auto Tune to weigh the camera, it’s a normal phenomenon.
Extended PortsAt the bottom of the handle: 1/4 inch thread hole*1, which can mount Tripod;
Below the multifunction knob: Type-C charging port*1;
In front of slider: M6 thread hole*1, for installation of focus motor support rod;
In front of fixed plate: 1/4 inch thread hole*1, which can mount third party accessories;
In front of quick release plate: 1/4 inch thread hole*1, for installation of lens holder;
On the top of tilt axis: 1/4 inch thread hole*1, which can mount third party accessories;
In front of tilt axis:
Type-C extension port*1 to connect focus motor and other accessories;
Type-C camera control port*1, also supports charging for shooting devices compatible with the USB power supply protocol;

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